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A mother and daughter duo, who are tea pluckers

Pain & Prowess

Its 12pm and I am about to go eat lunch. It’s International Day at Tea Leaf Vision, the school with which I am teaching English.

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How I ended up on the Missing People’s List

Pain & Prowess

Stories of Sri Lanka

A mother and daughter duo, who are tea pluckers


Under Construction

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

My Take

“To be anything remarkable in this world is to believe that you are in fact, audaciously remarkable. Your life is a masterpiece, perfectly curated by you. Every brushstroke of color- an intricate detail that is  a part of your story. Light or dark, these strokes of experience are not always palpable. For it is not what lies on the surface that tells the story, but rather what lies beyond the imagery, beyond the object, behind the chosen color, that truly tells the color. You are the only one who can tell that story. Craft it passionately. “

Lindsay- Your Muse

Lindsay Bourdeau

Beyond Eden

Travel and Lifestyle Blogger

Lindsay Bourdeau

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