Sustainability matters. Our earth matters. The people, places, and  things that make up  our natural environment, matter. Lets do our part to support individuals and businesses alike making our world better.


Check out some of the items I have come to love.

NY Businesses

A few of my favorite NY businesses that Isupport.


If you want to take sustainability to the next level, check out some of my most recommended international organizations/businesses.

Featured Businesses - New York

As many of you know, I’m a born and bred NYer. A little pastime of mine is venturing to new businesses in NY and showing them support. You would be surprised by the level of innovation and passion put into some of these businesses. I switch it up every few months, but check out this list of some of my favorite businesses, making a difference!

International Organizations

These organizations have been doing the business! This is just a small compilation of businesses/organizations I have either worked with personally or been privy to their work. They are just a few of many doing groundbreaking work to change the world.

A Reason to Smile - ARTS
Tea Leaf Vision - TLV
Yangon Animal Shelter
International Caring Hands to Mouth

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