Planning any travel experience can be hard, especially if you are starting from scratch. Usually, the most significant factors are the basic necessities such as finding flights, accommodation, and getting around town. Here you’ll find a list of some of my go-to resources when planning a great escape!


A fantastic search engine that can be used to book various types travel entities, including flights, hotels and car rentals. For flights for example, it collects ticket prices from various vendors in which you can compare.

Another great search engine that is typically used to search for affordable flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Google Flights

Yet another great alternative for flight searches. The power of its utlitilty is in the use of filters to help you zero in on the best flight option for you.

Covid Trackers

A comprehensive site that lists all countries which are open, restricted, and closed to travelers. Updated frequently, it is a great source that not only tells you the covid rates in countries, it also tells you covid-related entry requirements by country.

Reuters Global Covid Tracker

A truly fanatsic resource to really examine covid statuses in various countries. Updated daily, it details the infection and death rates in a wide range of countries. It also analyzes a country's peak position during covid waves and surges.


Google Maps

A mapping platform, found in over 220 countries and territories, it is slated as being one of the best navigational systems.

An excellent app that provides offline maps worldwide.

Travel Insurance Resources


A comprehensive system that can be used to find the best travel insurance to suite your needs. It too has a number of filters that allow you to do a comparative analysis of the available plans.

Travel Itinerary Planner


A fantastic go-to itinerary planner. By synching it with your email, it scans your inbox for your latest bookings, be it flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc. All of this, completely free! Upgrading to the pro version will even allow you to get immediate flight change alerts or delays before everyone else.

Flight tracker

A website and app that provides real-time worldwide flight updates and traffic. Its a very handy tool when trying to track family, friends, or even your own flights.


One of the best platforms to find affordable housing while traveling. It allows you to stay in the home of a host, saving on expenses while being introduced to an authentic side of travel. You have a front-facing opportunity to get to know a country through its people!

One of the most popularized sites to find hotels worldwide. As such, it is available in multiple languages. It gives you the ability to search for various types of accommodations, such as resorts, boutique hotels, hostels, cottages, and more.

Another great website to search for accomodations, it has a very user-friendly interface that makes booking so much easier. Depending on the continent and the country, you are likely to find some very affordable and competitive prices.


It goes without saying Uber is possibilty the most utilized ride-hailing app. Currently available in about 80 countries and counting, its fantastic when you want to get to your destination a little faster, and at times a little cheaper.

Harped as being "Southeast Asia's leading superApp," it is one of the most affordable ways in which to travel the region. Avaible in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, their goal is to drive economic empowerment for the people of the region.

A really great Spanish ride-sharing app, it is avaible in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. What is ideal is that you can even reserve a ride to pick you up at a later date or time.


A go-to website that specializes in finding tours, day trips, excursions, and all things-to-do. You can conveniently pre-plan activities or in some cases book same-day.

An American e-commerce platform, that is very useful in finding local deals. You can find a wide variety of things including pre-planned international trips.

A great source for finding a tour guide in a number of countries. Its a system that actually promotes local travel companies and tour operators.

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