One of the Best Hotels in Salvador, Brazil – Casa do Amarelindo

The Feeling of Brazil

When you think of Brazil, you think of its exotic beauty, eclectic colors, vivacious spirit, and the undoubtedly wild essence that makes Brazil what it is. Yet, one of the first few factors that truly molds the overall experience of Brazil is the stay. Surely, you know and can appreciate the comforts of a lovely stay.

The Jewel of the Historic District of Salvador de Bahia – Pelourinho

Home to some of Brazil’s most stunning beaches, birthplace of both samba and capoeira, and considered the epicenter of Afro-Brazilian culture, lays the beautiful Northeastern region of Bahia. An expansive state with much to offer the curious traveller, the very heart and soul of Bahia is in its capital city of Salvador. Slated as Brazil’s “capital of happiness,” there are a number of reasons why so many people flock to Salvador. One of these is to visit the colorful and historic district of Pelourinho. With a history rooted in slavery, colonialism, and cultural diversity, it is easy to see why Pelourinho makes for an interesting stop on your visit to Salvador de Bahia.

Aside from its significant history, Pelourinho exudes a richness in its musicality, artistry, and appeal to the masses. A stay in this area is one that will truly open yours eyes, ears, and heart to the essence of Brazil.

A Stay to Remember – Hotel Casa do Amarelindo

Imagine waking up to the light sounds of batucada drums beating in the morning, sunshine piercing through the curtains from your bay-facing balcony, while you lay in a large bed immersed by a sea of cozy sheets. You are surrounded by paintings and sculptures of ancient orishas, never forgetting the unquestionable link between that of Africa and South America. Every individual you encounter in your stay is as much a part of Pelourinho’s history as they are a part of your personal experience in Pelourinho. This is Hotel Casa do Amarelindo.

I had the pleasure of staying at this beautiful hotel for a few nights, and through this experience, I came to understand the true beauty of this region. To start, I was met with such grace. The owners Didier and Gilles, who are of French decent were more than accommodating of me. Prior to my arrival, they had contacted me to arrange my transport to the hotel through a private taxi service. The hotel, which is located in the middle of a very busy pedestrian enclosed street, is only accessible to cars at each end of the block with which Hotel Casa do Amarelindo is found.

In roughly a 3 minute walk, I arrived at the hotel. Upon my arrival, I was met with the kindest smile from Adam, the general manager of the hotel. As customary, I was given an entire tour of the premises, starting with the history of the hotel and ending with a brief on my accommodation for the following few days. There was much to take in, and I think it helped tremendously consistently hearing the sounds of traditional musical drums in parallel to the sights of the hotel’s rendition of Brazilian culture sprinkled throughout. I personally felt as though I was having a true Pelourinho experience.

The sights and sounds of Pelourinho.

The History of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo

The hotel which is set within a 19th century colonial townhouse, is now owned and operated by Frenchmen, Gilles and Didier. However, there is much more to its story than its present-day ownership. The home, which was built in 1868, was once owned by a powerful Italian family – the Matarazzo(s). Regarded for having a hefty presence in multiple Brazilian industries including, but not limited to food, textiles, land and sea transport, shipyards, agriculture, energy, banking, and real estate, the Matarazzos were quite possibly the richest family in Brazil. Thus, it came as no surprise to the present-day owners of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo that upon acquisition, the property came with a contraction selling store in its basement.

Both Didier and Gilles then embarked on a mission to fully renovate the property. A project that required much time and energy, soon began to precipitate into fruits of their labor. In no time, came the birth of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo – “The yellow house.”

Scoping through the historical building diary of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo

About Hotel Casa do Amarelindo

Located within the historical center of Salvador, this charming hotel provides you the opportunity to easily explore this beautiful region. It is situated right off of the main square of Largo do Pelourinho. A luxury boutique hotel, the five-story building consists of 10 high-ceiling bedrooms. It also has both an open and closed dining area, a bar, a pool area, a gym with a separate shower, an elevator, and a rooftop terrace. Each area is distinctly designed, and fully accessible to hotel guests.

In addition to these details, the hotel offers a range of individualized tours that span from a few hours to a full day. Some of these include the following :

  1. Historic Walking Tour – 3 to 4 hours tour including:
  • Carmo district with Nossa Senhora do Carmo church and convent, Ordem Terceira do Carmo church, Pilar trolley, Santissimo Sacramento Church in Passo street
  • Pelourinho district with Basilica Cathedral, São Francisco church and convent
  • Ethnology Museum
  1. Historic and Panoramic Tour – 6 hour tour (with a vehicle) including:
  • Same visits included in the Historic Walking Tour
  • Bomfin church and Ribeira district
  • Humaitá peninsula with Montserrat fort and church
  • Passage by Dique de Tororó lake with the Orixás statues by Tatti Moreno
  • Barra district with Santo Antonio da Barra church and Barra’s fort and lighthouse
  1. Mystic Tour – 4 hour tour (with a vehicle) including:
  • Passage by Dique de Tororó lake with the Orixás statues by Tatti Moreno
  • Visit of a Candomblé’s « terreiro » with its museum and knowledge of the  « terreiro » community
  1. Full day at Praia do Forte – 8 hour tour (with a vehicle, but without entrance taxes) including:
  • Stop at Guarajuba beach
  • Visit Praia do Forte’s Garcia Dias D’Avila castel ruins, with a potential visit to TAMAR Project (marine turtle protection)
  • Have a tuk-tuk transfer to Papa-Gente beach
  • Potential to have a swim and lunch on the beach
  • Return trip to Praia do Forte, with the possibility of lunch at a beach stand
  • Return to Salvador

All of these experiences are perfectly curated to assure you get the most out of your at Hotel Casa do Amarelindo.

The Deluxe Balcony Room with Bay View

However, discussing the perks of the hotel would be nothing without discussing the rooms. I had had the pleasure of staying in the : Deluxe balcony room with a bay view.

The room which was located on the 1st floor, was quite spacious, boasting a private balcony and sitting area with views of the famous All the Saints Bay. It consisted of a super king-size bed, floor-to-ceiling acoustic windows and doors, a living space with a large wooden work desk and a closet, and a large bathroom fully equipped with female and male toilets, a double sink, and a hydromassage tower, waterfall and ceiling rain shower.

I absolutely adored some of the toiletries as well. They were crafted from the company Terra Brasilis. Their contents are extracted from local Brazilian fruits, are paraben-free, and biodegradable. Not to mention, they were so fresh and natural smelling.

A walk through through the bathroom.

A few other things that came with the room included a minibar, a Nespresso coffee machine, a fridge – bar fridge, broadband internet access, a cable/satellite TV, air-conditioning, wireless internet, room service, and laundry facilities. It was literally everything you would need for a comfortable stay.

Another thing that I loved about the space were the soundproof walls. I could never hear my neighbors and neither could they hear me. However, the only thing you can hear, but very faintly, is the music from the streets of Pelourinho, but this is just part of the experience of being in this beautiful region.

My beautiful bedroom.

The Dining Area

In the warmer months, meals are served in the open dining area. With a beautiful garden buzzing with tropical flowers and greenery. During the months of November and December, expect hot weather. As such, you will be sitting outdoors. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning breakfasts. Which leads me to the hotel restaurant – Pelo Bistro.

Pelo Bistro

A 4.5 star restaurant, serving Brazilian, French, and contemporary cuisine, this place was effortlessly one of the best in Pelourinho. The service was certainly a 10/10, with staff who are very involved in assuring you have the best dining experience. Though breakfast is served promptly between 7am and 11am, other meals are still served all day.

The breakfast spreads in particular are quite large. They usual consist of your choice of a main breakfast platter, a basket of bread, a baked dessert, a plate of seasonal fruit, yogurt, a fruit compote, coffee, and fresh orange juice. But I have to say, the orange juice was my favorite! The reason was because, they blended it with acerola cherries, which gives it a pink to red color.

Although I had not had the opportunity to try these, Pelo Bistro boasts an exceptional list of South American wines, particularly of Argentinian and Chilean origin. If you are a wine aficionado, definitely be sure to try one.

The Pool Area

A very short climb up a lovely spiral staircase from the dining area leads you to the pool area. With two umbrella tables and two sun chairs, this was one of my favorite spots in the hotel. The incredible views of All Saints Bay are quite enviable. I often found myself spending quite a bit of time here, mainly due to the views and the fantastic sunset.

The Outdoor Deck

I thoroughly enjoyed this little deck. It was actually, one of the nicest places to enjoy a meal, especially when I wanted a change of scenery from the dining area. I even went out there to watch the rainfall at one point. It was certainly one of the more peaceful places to be in the hotel.

The Pool

For those of you who love a good pool, I’m sure this is the place you will want to spend most of your time, especially during the warmer months. In November this pool was so comfortable and clean. It is not huge, but it will suffice if you are looking for a nice dip to cool off from those extra hot days.

Another fantastic fact you might like about Casa do Amarelindo is that it is the only hotel in the Pelourinho district to have a swimming pool with view of All Saints Bay (Baia de Todos os Santos). You have 24 hour access to the pool, and you can order food or drink until 9:30pm.

Also, keep in mind that there is quite a bit of reconstruction happening in the area, so the view below the deck may not be the most ideal. Still I think you will certainly enjoy the the overall setting.

The Fitness Center

Literally right around the corner from the pool is the fitness center. So for my cardio-lovers, this place is perfect for you. It is not very big, but I think it is equipped with the essentials to get your workout in. There is also a shower right next the gym for you to clean off. As I had mentioned earlier, you also get to use some of those fabulous local toiletries.

The Rooftop

Your stay at this hotel will not be complete without visiting the rooftop. I suspect very few people even know that it exists, but it can certainly be one of the loveliest and secluded places in the hotel. It comes equipped with an outdoor bar and a few sitting areas.

A glimpse of the lovely rooftop.

Aside from the pool deck, I would say this is the second best place to watch the sunset. It also has a retractable canopy for those really hot days. The view of course, is still that of the beautiful All Saints Bay (Baia de Todos os Santos). Additionally, you can also have food served to you up there. Its really a lovely little space for you relax.

Hotel Stay Logistics

The beauty of Hotel Casa do Amarelindo.

My take

  • Located in the center of : Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
  • High quality service
  • On-site touristic activities
  • Expansive bedrooms
  • Pool accessibility
  • Beautiful rooftop
  • Facing All Saints Bay (Baia de Todos os Santos)
  • Not necessarily a con, but there is a bit of an antiquated feel

Overall, I would certainly rate this hotel a : 9/10

I cannot recommend staying at Hotel Casa do Amarelindo enough. It was a beautiful experience through and through. It is no wonder it is seen as one of the best hotels in Salvador, Brazil.

Hotel Casa do Amarelindo won Trip Advisor's 2023 Travellers' Choice Best of the Best award. This proves that they are indeed one of best hotels in Salvador, Brazil

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