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Preparing for a trip to Seychelles, especially if you are doing it solo, can seem like a daunting task. These pandemic times don’t make it any easier. So a little leg work in performing some research will go a long way. Thankfully for you, I’ve recently returned from an amazing trip to Seychelles!

This was my first time leaving the country since the start of the pandemic, which means I had not actually left the country in 2 years. I was naturally a bit fearful when it came time for this next adventure.

Covid & the Country

One of the main reasons I chose to visit Seychelles was because of its exceptionally low covid rates. By chance, I had discovered two websites that provided me with daily, and at times, by-the-hour figures.

  • Can I Travel – A website designed to inform individuals of the entry status of each country, and entry requirements. You simply input your passport/residency, as well as your country of origin and you are good to go!
  • Reuters Covid Tracker – Updated every few hours, this site has been the most descriptive and yet concise resource I’ve come across thus far. It not only provides information regarding the current covid status in every country, it tells you the vaccination rate, provides a countrywide comparative analysis, prepares a daily report of trends, updates the lockdown status, and more. This is hands down one of my favorite sites. However, the only downside is that it does not provide you with entry requirements.

Calling on the Seychelles Embassy

Whether you use the websites I recommended, the CDC, or any others of your choosing, I highly recommend contacting the embassy for the country you plan on visiting – in this case, Seychelles.

Although many of these websites are reputable, I wanted to be 100% certain I was doing this right, so I contacted the embassy directly. They not only verbally informed me of what I needed, but they also sent me an email detailing all their required information.

Seychelles Embassy – Entry Requirements

  1. Passport 
  2. Negative PCR test certificate (In English or French)
  3. Return airfare
  4. Confirmed accommodation bookings for the entire stay – bookings must be made at licensed establishments that have been certified by the Public Health Authority
  5. A certificate of vaccination is an advantage (But NOT mandatory.)

Furthermore, the following sites provide additional important requirements for all visitors to Seychelles:
Seychelles Tourism Board

Department of Tourism

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Seychelles

Covid Testing

If you are fully vaccinated

You do not need a Covid test.

Seychelles considers an individual fully vaccinated if :

  1. They are 18+ years of age AND received the first two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine including a booster dose after 6 six months after completing the primary series.
  2. Individuals between the ages of 12 to 18 years old who have completed only two vaccine doses.

If you are partially vaccinated or unvaccinated

Covid testing is a definite requirement!

Get a PCR test 72 hours before your trip, or a rapid antigen test performed 24 hours at a clinical site prior to your departure. Depending on whether or not you have layovers, I HIGHLY recommend contacting the airline and speaking to a representative who can give you an idea on when best to test. Since it is such a time-sensitive thing, a representative could help you fully plan when and where you could take your Covid test.

Even your testing center may be able to assist you. I personally called my testing center to reconfirm what days would be best for me to come in.

Also, for precaution, be sure to carry some self-tests with you. If you will be amongst crowds of people, it might be a good idea to test yourself regularly just to assure you’re still good.

The airline could also reiterate what types of covid test you should get, be it rapid or PCR.

When I was traveling to Seychelles, I had a layover in Paris. Although the Seychelles embassy informed me that my self-tests (which were FDA certified) were acceptable to take when entering the country, I actually ran into an issue in Paris upon my return. This was because Paris does not accept self-antigen tests.

This is a key factor I HIGHLY recommend you pay attention to. Many countries that will accept the rapid antigen test, will likely want you to go to a testing center to have it performed. They prefer to have laboratory-based results and proof that a medical professional was privy to your testing session.

Are there any other exemptions to testing?

The following individuals are exempt from Covid testing :

  1. Children under 12 years of age.
  2. Individuals who have had a recent COVID-19 infection, between 2 to 12 weeks prior to departure for Seychelles – this is contingent upon the presentation of proof of prior infection and recovery.

Visa & Travel Authorizations


A visa is not required in order to enter Seychelles.

Travel Authorization

However, a completed Travel Authorization is!

To fulfill this requirement, you will need to have the following on hand :

  1. Proof of completed COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test result
  2. Passport
  3. Flight details
  4. Copies of your confirmed accommodation bookings for your ENTIRE stay (that is, for every night)
  5. A credit/debit card to pay the fee of $10 USD (10 Euros).

Once you have this bit of information on hand, you will want to go to the following website to complete your form.

Seychelles – Travel Authorization

NOTE: Travel Authorization applications are reviewed and approved in 12 hours or less, so be mindful of this when planning.

[When I applied back in March 2022, I received my approval within 5 hours of submission.]

This travel authorization MUST be completed 9 – 75 hours prior to your flight departure and will be valid for 1 day after your arrival in Seychelles.

Certified Tourism Establishments

Upon arrival, you are not required to quarantine. However, you MUST stay at a licensed Covid-19 health-certified tourism establishment.

Please be aware that you will NOT be allowed entry into the country unless you can provide proof (confirmation of stay) that your accommodation is health tourism certified. The Seychelles government has done its due diligence to assure the health and safety of both locals and tourists alike, by performing covid-safety checks in these establishments.

Always refer to the following website to check if your establishment is approved.

Seychelles – Certified Tourism Establishments

What if your accommodation is not health certified?

If your accommodation is not Covid-19 health certified, you will be required to take a Covid-19 PCR test on day 5 of your stay.

Travel Insurance & Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance

This is a MUST when visiting Seychelles. During these pandemic times, we must carefully prepare in case the unthinkable occurs.

A great website I used when selecting a travel insurance plan was :


Available 8 am – 10 pm EST, daily, give them a call so they can walk you through the best plans for you. If this is your first time even having travel insurance, this can seem a bit mindboggling, so it’s nice to have someone on the phone to explain the nitty-gritty to you.

NOTE: When choosing a travel insurance plan for Seychelles, you MUST have the following included in your plan :

  1. Comprehensive Travel Insurance – These are single trip plans that provide specific levels of financial protections, including trip cancellations, baggage delays, etc.
  2. Medical Evacuation – If you are seriously ill or injured, Seychelles may need to medically evacuate you to the following countries: Mauritius, La Réunion (Reunion Island), South Africa, or India. Your travel insurance plan MUST include this feature.
  3. Full Medical Coverage – This feature is another necessity, specifically regarding protections for Covid-19 related medical care and quarantine.
  4. Whole Trip Coverage – Your plan must cover your entire trip duration, all overseas medical costs, and medical evacuation.

Medical Insurance

This is another MUST when traveling to Seychelles. To be frank it will serve as a backup in case of any and all health-related emergencies. So make sure to have your plan on hand.

If you follow this guide, you are sure to have a fantastic start to your trip. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. And, hey, you want to enjoy paradise!

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