Experience the Soft Life : The WC, Beautique Hotel (Lisbon, Portugal)

Out with old, in with the new

Let’s face it, many of us women are fully enthralled in the era of the soft life. Gone are the days when the idea of living was just about the everyday hustle and bustle. You don’t always have to be perceived as the strong, invincible woman. There exists an unspoken expectation that you are to always be “on.” Now, that’s certainly not to diminish the fact that life can be tough at times, for all of us. However, I’ve always been a firm believer that if you can change your mind about a situation, you can change your outcome for that situation. This same idea can be applied to our lives, and most importantly, how we treat ourselves.

Looking at my reflection in the hotel bathroom mirror
Looking at my reflection in the hotel bathroom mirror

What is the “soft life?”

According to XoNecole, the soft life means “no longer feeling guilty about prioritizing a life that makes you feel happy.” Often times we find ourselves compromising our own happiness for the sake of others. A definition like this leaves one to ascribe any interpretation as they feel, and rightfully so! Whether that involves simply taking in every day little moments, basking in luxury experiences, or even finding comfort in between, you can create the life that you want for you. Which brings me to my next topic. How do you cater to you, in travel?

The WC, Beautique Hotel – Lisbon, Portugal

One way in which to treat yourself to a mental escape and a little pampering at the same time is possibly staying at a hotel that can offer such an experience. I mean, I think every person, if they could, would aim for an experience like this in travel. But what if I told you there was a place that specialized in soft experiences like this, but abroad.

The WC, Beautique Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal does just that! Just picture this, having a relaxing, spa-like experience at a hotel designed to cater to the femme experience, in beautiful Portugal. If thats not every gal’s dream, I don’t know what is.

Where Beauty meets Boutique Hotel Experience

The Beautique Hotel chain postions itself on bringing magic and guiding their guests through unusual journeys – a little dose of splendor during your stay.

While spending my time in Lisbon, Portugal, I researched this beautiful boutique hotel that not only exuded a spa-like experience but more so an upscale bath-like experience. I know that sounds funny, but follow me through on this. The hotel concept is based on the idea that your bathroom and bath time experience should be sensual, therapeutic, and should take you into another dimension.

Oh, and let me tell you, the WC hotel in Lisbon did just that!

An Entrance that Calls Your Name

The WC hotel in Lisbon is hard to miss. With its wall-to-wall exterior pastel blue hue, triangular shape, and front-facing tracks for the passage of the famous Lisbon 28 Tram, this lovely place makes for a great stay whether its long or short. But what really sets it apart from other typical hotels is the beautiful imagery of women indulging in their bath experiences right at the entryway. That alone is enough to make any woman go “Oh, this is for me!”

A Splash of a Reception

When the standard attire of your hotel reception is a bathrobe, hair towel, and slippers, immediately you could see why your stay would be anything but typical. Designed to really make a splash, the WC gives hints of every aspect of a bath experience. With a reception desk comprised of an encased, freestanding bathtub and a waterfall-like interior wall, it truly is a scene to marvel.

Posing by the hotel reception area
Posing by the hotel reception area

Hints of beauty and self-care products decorated throughout, add that feminine touch that elevate your experience. For example, they sell a collection of beautifully scented, natural body soaps, bath-bombs, perfumes, candles, and even aromatherapy. So they clearly know how to cater to us gals!

The setup next to the reception area

Standing with a product display shelf, in front of the reception area

Standing with a product display shelf, in front of the reception area

Eat & Drink

A few feet away from the reception area is a bar and a small dining quarter. Embodying the same “blue” effect, the furnishings give you the impression of water or the ocean, with wave-like indentations on many of the tables and chairs. The entire upstairs dining area is blue with front and side-facing views of the street, avenida almirante reis.

Sitting by the upper bar
Sitting by the upper bar

However, just a few steps down to the lower level, you will be taken to a waterfall-like sanctuary. With opposing mirrored waterfall effects, you are literally taken on an optically illusive experience. The very emphasized blue splashed in every corner of the dining area, brings such peace and relaxation to your dining experience.

Remember, blue is the color of calmness, peace, and healing.

The beautiful lower level, waterfall-like dining area
The beautiful lower level, waterfall-like dining area

But what about the bedroom

So if you think downstairs was nice, wait till you see the rooms. I stayed in the Deluxe Room. It was so lovely! With bedside windows also providing views of Almirante Reis Avenue, you were offered a panoramic perspective of the area right from your room. There was more than enough natural light that could escape in. Not to mention, the fabulous, cozy bed! Lets get into that bed.

Me in my beautiful deluxe bed
Me in my beautiful deluxe bed

There are a few keys features to this room that made it very appealing to me. For starters, let’s say you didn’t want full exposure of your bedroom to the outside world. The room consists of automatic, retractable curtains surrounding both sides of the bed and extending to the windows, making it easier to maintain your privacy. The space consists of a large oval-shaped double bed, with a base that actually lights up. It also has a very large cabin shower, which is separated from a contained toilet – both exuding a gorgeous spa-like effect. There is also a small open closet space to hang your bathrobe or a few regular pieces of clothing. Additionally, the room comes equipped with a zenith blue mini-fridge and a little verdigris-colored coffee maker.

My coffee maker and few components of my mini bar
My coffee maker and few components of my mini bar

Hotel Stay Logistics

So what does it cost to spend a night here ?

Depending on the period with which you are visiting, your stay can range from $101 – $260 per night.

Note that the total price will not include :

Taxes 6.00% and 2.00 EUR per person per night of Local Tax from 13 y.o.

Would you stay at the WC Hotel?

If you are up for a short luxury stay, I cannot recommend this place enough.

Last I was there, in May of 2022, there was a bit of work that was left to complete. For example, I was told the hotel planned on installing a sauna. This is actually a really great feature I think many of the guests would thoroughly enjoy. So definitely inquire about this.

My take

Pros :

  • Close proximity to the popular : Barrio Alto and Alfama districts
  • High quality service
  • Spa-like hotel experience
  • Affordable pricing

Cons :

  • Not located within the central districts

Overall, if I had to rate this hotel, I’d give it an : 8/10

Definitely consider staying here, if you are heading to Lisbon, Portugal.

Having a time in a spinning chair at a shower curtained work desk
Having a time in a spinning chair at a shower curtained work desk

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